Rasenproduktion und Innovationen von Schwab Rollrasen unterliegen strengsten Qualitätskriterien und orientieren sich an den Prinzipien der Nachhaltigkeitn

In harmony with nature: Schwab and sustainability

Our entire approach and production are oriented towards the principles of sustainability. We work with nature, not against it. Thus nature becomes our “ally” in growing the perfect rolled turf for large sport arenas, private gardens and public green areas.

Healthy soil for healthy plants

Qualitaet_2Our soils are our most important capital. Rather than exploiting natural means, it is our desire to “inoculate” and continuously improve them. After all, healthy plants grow in healthy soil.

The path from chemistry to biological equilibrium … is our approach to soil preparation and care. In the process, we work with growing catch crops. Farmers who collaborate with us confirm time and again that they essentially never have to fertilise the soils which we have prepared.

Measures for a healthy soil biology
  • Use of organic mineral fertiliser
  • Supply of the soil with the primary nutrients nitrogen, phosphorous, potash, magnesium, sulphur
  • Improvement of the soil life and plant health with biological soil additives and plant restoratives
  • Use of mycorrhizae and nitrogen-gathering bacteria
  • Omission of chemical pesticides to the furthest possible extent
  • Continuous control of soil health and quality

We do not use clearing sludge or plastic nets for our production. Our swath is re-used in the cycle as organic fertiliser. In our main operations in Gut Haidhof, Germany, we have planted large alleys and thousands of indigenous wild groves, created biotopes and established rainwater cisterns and biologic clearing plants.

Our holistic sustainability concept also encompasses our innovations, our quality philosophy and our logistics. Learn more by clicking on the symbols or links below!