Rasenproduktion und Innovationen von Schwab Rollrasen unterliegen strengsten Qualitätskriterien und orientieren sich an den Prinzipien der Nachhaltigkeitn

Quality above all else: For the perfect turf

Our quality claim allows no compromise in turf production! That is, in short, our philosophy. It ensures that our customers receive the perfect turf and that our company continues to develop successfully in the future.


Best turf

Schwab rolled turf has all the attributes for long life: It is vital, healthy and durable. It is distinguished by a sound biology. That means the highest vitality which is only possible if the plant also feels its best. We only implement important agronomic measures on “the correct days” according to the moon calendar. We have also achieved the best results in the process.


Best grasses

We only use the very best grass varieties gathered from around the world (predominantly from North America) with the highest purity for our turf production. All seed is also inspected for purity in Germany. Only the batches that satisfy our high demands are used for our products. And we grow our turf 100 per cent free from genetic engineering.


Best sods

Water-permeable, oxygen-rich and vital sods in outstanding condition is one the cornerstones of our success. Its cultivation demands the fine feel of an expert and a great deal of care. We have developed the thick sod, one of our successful innovations, specifically for professional sport. This has now made it possible to lay turf in football stadiums during the season between matches.

Sustainability quality factor

We consider the principles of sustainability in everything we do. We work with nature, not against it. That is an additional important element of our quality philosophy!

Innovation quality factor

The name Schwab stands for advancement and innovation. We have developed numerous new products and machines directly from practical application.

Logistics quality factor

We have progressively perfected our logistics. Therefore, we can guarantee you – with a few special exceptions – delivery within 24 hours.