Rasenproduktion und Innovationen von Schwab Rollrasen unterliegen strengsten Qualitätskriterien und orientieren sich an den Prinzipien der Nachhaltigkeitn

Order rolled turf today, lay it tomorrow and use it immediately

Our logistic system functions so flawlessly because every gear meshes smoothly into the other. We can guarantee you – with a few special exceptions – delivery within 24 hours. Order your rolled turf today, install it tomorrow (or have us do the work) and use it immediately.

From installation to use


Harvesting/laying technology

We work with the latest harvesting and laying technology: quick, precise, yet extremely gentle on the soil. Our jumbo technology has set a new standard here – like many other innovations from our company.

Laying/loaning service

We lay your rolled turf quickly and at a reasonable price (including soil preparation measures). You can also do the work yourself by loaning our professional installation equipment for a reasonable fee.

Ready for immediate use

Rolled turf can be used immediately. Install a new lawn in the morning and invite your friends into your new, green living room in the afternoon. With the sandwich structure you can simply lay the new turf right on top of the old.

Intensive communication on all channels

Constant communication with our customers aids the further development of our products for the target groups. In the process, we value high transparency, e.g. by disclosing our turf mixtures, field files and grain-size distribution curves. We utilise all channels of communication for a flow of information and intensive dialogue.