Rasenproduktion und Innovationen von Schwab Rollrasen unterliegen strengsten Qualitätskriterien und orientieren sich an den Prinzipien der Nachhaltigkeitn

Always a step ahead with innovations

The name Schwab stands for innovation and advancement. Over the course of our company history, we have developed numerous new products and machines directly from practical application. And our work will also lead to new innovations, because it is our passion.

Sandwich structure, thick turf, jumbo technology, wildflower turf …

These are all new developments from our company which – like a few others – have proven their worth in terms of practical applicability and user-friendliness. The result is our position as a market and innovation leader. For example, we were able to provide a new stimulus to the German rolled turf market in professional sport and in the private sector.

Einführung der Jumbotechnik 2000
Our most important innovations at a glance

An investigation at the department of soil care at the Bavarian State Institute for Viticulture and Horticulture in Veitshöchheim has shown that it is technically correct to lay new rolled turf directly on an existing old lawn without soil preparation.

This installation method has shown no disadvantages in comparison with conventional installation with soil aeration. On the contrary: Test parcels on which the existing grass was only mowed and covered with rolled sod had an visually equivalent or even better appearance than conventionally installed turf. The old law completely disappeared eight weeks after the installation and was only visible as a somewhat darker horizon in a soil sample.

The jumbo harvesting and laying technology has set a new standard for which there is currently no comparable technology. It offers laying speed and precision while remaining gentle on the soil, which is of crucial importance for use in sport stadiums. Two men can lay one football field per day with this machine. Of course, this also includes the appropriate harvesting technology. With the Jumbo harvesting machine, two lorry trailers per hour can be gently harvested and simultaneously wound in film for smooth shipping.

„Thick Turf“ refers to a turf thickness of 35 to 42 mm. Due to its heavy weight, the thick turf can also be fully stressed immediately without the need for rootage.?Thick turfs are used in professional sport first and foremost. Problem-free harvesting of thick turfs can be realised with our jumbo technology.

This turf was presented at GaLaBau 2006 for the first time before a wide audience, where it was a minor sensation. The first wildflower meadow that can be rolled. This was idea originally investigated by experts for the composition of grasses and wildflowers as a contribution of the City of Nuremberg to the German National Garden Show 2005 at Munich, as Dürer’s “Great Piece of Turf“ [großes Rasenstück], whereby a seed mixture was created. Visually attractive, durable and easy to care foe, it truly enriches the assortments and is suitable for environmentally-friendly greening measures, attractive meadows or easy-to-care-for, low-traffic public green surfaces.

This turf loves heat and dryness, but is also compatible with partial shade. Suitable for use in hot areas (south-facing slopes) and home gardens, on fairways without sprinkling and sport fields, as well as for southern/Mediterranean countries.

Memberships and Affiliations

We assume a role of responsibility within the industry and are involved in numerous organisations, such as DRG (German Turf Society), DRV (German Turf Association), GaLaBau Association, TPI (Turfgrass Producers International) and GVD (German Greenkeepers Association).

Contacts / Collaborations

Maintaining close contact with universities is very important to us and we value an open exchange with everyone who works in the areas that are relevant for us. Over 1,000 young people visit us each year: greenkeepers, groundskeepers, technicians, craftsmen, apprentices, students and companies.