Rollrasen von Schwab: der ideale Sportrasen

Top-notch turf for top-notch sports: Schwab Rolled Turf

Whether for football, golf, equestrian or other sports: The modern arenas of professional and elite sports, turf is rolled instead of sown – and thus ready for use immediately. Schwab rolled turf from sustainable production offers even more unbeatable advantages: It is extremely durable and long-lasting.!

Football turf

Allianz Arena

With the invention of rolled turf, a new era in football began years ago. We have installed rolled turf in nearly every famous football stadium in Europe.

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Golf Turf


There is hardly any sport that places as much of an emphasis on an immaculate appearance and top quality of turf as golf. For this reason, rolled turf is also being used increasingly on golf courses.

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Equestrian sport


Riding arena construction and Schwab: a pair that is as perfect as horse and rider – and this is how it has been for more than 40 years. For further information, visit our microsite.

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Production in harmony with nature

We strive for sustainabilityt throughout the entire production cycle and work with nature instead of against it. We use an extremely low amount of chemical sprays, use organic mineral fertiliser, “feed” the soil with mycorrhiza and nitrogen-gathering bacteria and use biological compounds and methods in order to prevent and fight diseases. Our special culture method enables us to establish an extremely high percentage of meadow panicle in the grass grain of approximately 60 to 80 %. That makes turf extremely resilient and shear-resistant and it promotes regeneration.