Rolled turf from Schwab in the famous football stadiums

The invention of rolled turf represented a new era for football, in particular. As a market leader in Germany, we influenced this development from an early stage and advanced it through innovations. We have installed rolled turf in nearly every famous football stadium in Europe.

New turf in the middle of the season

Thanks to our consistently high product quality, we have been established for years as a turf supplier in professional and premier international sports. The requirements on quality are especially high for these applications. Schwab can thank its outstanding reputation as well as its innovations, such as the invention of thick turf (35 to 42 mm thick). This has now made it possible to lay entirely new turf in large stadiums in the middle of the season. We also perform repair work (penalty area, longitudinal axis, etc.).

Especially long-lasting

Thanks to our sustainable, soil-preserving and natural working method for production and installation, our sport/football turf is characterised by its good health. The cell structure in the leaf and root is extremely stable and the turf is especially biologically active. This vitalises our turf against disease and stress and sustainably extends its life. Our sport turf normally keeps twice as long as turf from many competitors.

Requirements in top sports

What makes the perfect sport turf? It should shear-resistant and maintain its hold in the heat of a match, but should also give at the right moment and prevent injuries. It must hold for a long time under often extreme conditions and also have a top visual appearance. Over the past 45 years we have worked intensively on this topic and continuously improved our product. In the meantime, we have

Highest quality as a principle

Only one criterion counts for us when it comes to growing soils and seed: the highest quality. We produce high grade sport turf on natural sand soils which we improve with respect to DIN 18035/2. In the process, we can create an analysis for every production field. Moreover, we maintain a steady dialogue with experienced experts in order to optimise our growing soils in terms of water permeability and shearing resistance. Our seed consists of the very best varieties in the greatest possible purity that can be attained worldwide, and of a healthy mixture of old and new varieties. Of course, we only use seed that is free from genetic engineering.

In harmony with nature

We strive for sustainability throughout the entire production cycle and work with nature instead of against it. We use an extremely low amount of chemical sprays, use organic mineral fertiliser, “feed” the soil with mycorrhiza and nitrogen-gathering bacteria and use biological compounds and methods in order to fight and/or prevent diseases in a natural way. All our care measures are aligned with the moon calendar.

Special culture method

Unlike other providers, we rely on a special culture method. It enables us to establish an extremely high percentage of meadow panicle in the grass grain of approximately 60 % to 80%. That makes turf extremely resilient, shear-resistant and promotes regeneration. Before the turf goes into the stadium, we care for it for at least 15 months and precondition it with a cleat roller.

Innovative jumbo technology

We use machines which are especially gentle on the soil when laying turf. Our innovative jumbo technology verifiably causes less soil pressure than the human foot! There is currently no other large-roll laying method worldwide which could even approach it in this respect. We only use extremely light turf cutters and tippers for the removal of the old turf and cover all zones which should be driven over.

Soil-preserving operation

The bearing layer on the edge of the playing field is protected with large panels onto which the turf rollers are transported. No heavy machines, no forklifts or wheel loaders touch the unprotected turf bearing layer. The only machine which can run on the unprotected playing field is the installation machine for the 2.20 m wide jumbo rolls. It runs on four soil-preserving rubber chains and fetches the rolls of up to 35 m in length from the forklift in order to gently lay them in the stadium.

Audi Sportpark - Ingolstadt

Stade de Suisse - Bern

Sport and Stadium Turf

Bundesliga-quality, thick, dark-green, highly regenerative, very resilient, the world’s best types, pre-trained with cleated rollers.

Our stadium turf is the showpiece of our production. This turf is extremely durable and shear-resistant, regenerates quickly when damaged with new offshoots sprouting from the rootstock, and has an especially attractive, dark colour. Produced on laboratory-monitored sandy soils in accordance with DIN 18035/2, it guarantees perfect shear-resistance with a simultaneously high water permeability. Naturally, we deliver all our rolled turf qualities without plastic nets, so there is no risk of injury for the players.

Use: Sport fields, stadiums, heavily stressed public green areas

Grass composition 1 (approx.): 30  Lolium perenne, 70 % Poa

Grass composition 2 (approx.): 20 % Lolium perenne, 50 % Poa pratensis, 30 % Festuca arundinaceae

Growing soil: grown on permeable sandy soils according to DIN 18035-4, pH-value 6.2 – 7.0 – without plastic nets, thus no risk of injury


sunny, partial shade


very intensive

Duenger-VielFertiliser requirement

5 – 8 applications per year


1 – 5 x per week



Installation Guide

Install it yourself

Ordering turf: Order the turf so that the delivery takes place when you are finished with your soil preparation. Factor in a loss of approximately 5 % from cuttings. Remove the packing film immediately after the turf arrives, lay rolled turf, roll it out and then water. By lifting a section of turf, check whether both the turf and approx. 5 cm of the soil are moist.

Soil preparation before laying: Deeply aerate, finely cultivate, grade and pre-roll the installation surface, then add the base fertilisers with 50 g/m2 Schwab Rollrasendünger® and 50 g/m2 Schwab Bodenstarter®. Then perform a final grading with fertiliser gently worked into the upper soil layers and then roll again. The grade should be firm enough to walk on, which means you do not leave any prints where you walk.

Completely new: Rolled sod in sandwich structure

Immediate care after laying: Freshly laid rolled turf should be kept moist constantly for the first 2 – 3 weeks. By then, sufficient roots will have formed to be able to extract water from the ground. Water daily during dry and hot weather. Only water enough that the turf and 5 cm of the soil are moist, but you can still walk on the turf. With overcast or rainy weather you can reduce the watering accordingly. The first cut should take place 5 – 8 days after laying. You can reduce the watering after growth (after 2 – 4 weeks). That means you should water 1 – 2 times per week with dry, sunny weather and with 15 – 20 litres per m2. You can purchase rain gauges and our water bug for garden watering from our online shop.

Read here for additional care tips!

Technical data

Manual installation:

Roll dimensions: Weight per roll: Pallets:
60 cm small roll: 0.58×1.78 m 1m² ca. 15-20 kg on large pallet (120×120 cm) for every 50 m²
40 cm small roll: 0.40×2.50 m 1m² ca. 15-20 kg on large pallet (120×120 cm) for every 50 m²

Machine installation:

60 cm medium roll dimensions 0.60 x approx. 16 m: We hire out manual or motor-driven installation equipment: Manual installation device per day: € 25 / Motor-driven installation device per day: € 50. Loosely loaded on disposable paper tubes. We charge € 1 per paper tube (no returns accepted). Weight per roll approx. 200 – 250 kg; loading on Euro pallets on request (3 rolls per Euro pallet).

120 cm large roll dimensions 1,20 x approx. 16 m: We perform the installation for you with large installation machines that are gentle on the soil. Price on request. Loosely loaded on disposable paper tubes. We charge € 2 per paper tube (no returns accepted). Weight per roll approx. 400 – 500 kg.

220 cm jump roll dimensions 22.20 x 25 m: We perform the installation for you with large installation machines that are gentle on the soil. Price on request. Weight per roll approx. 1.5 t.

Our installation service:

We would be happy to install your turf for any size area from private gardens to sport fields. On request, we also offer the services for old grass removal and fine grading. Give us a call.

Old grass removal: For this purpose, you can hire a turf cutter for € 95/day to remove your old grass on your own. On larger surfaces and sport fields, we cultivate the soil without special cultivators. The removal takes place with dumpers that are gentle on the soil. Request our quotation.