Produkte zur Rasenernährung und Rasenpflege für einen gesunden Rasen: Schwab hat das Rasenwissen

Lawn nutrition and care: for a healthy lawn

Healthy soil provides a healthy lawn. In short, this is the philosophy of our lawn nutrition. The key to every health, vital, thick and durable lawn is the nutrition. This is a theme that is always valued by garden owners.

We receive countless questions about lawn problems from garden owners throughout the year. At least 95 % of these problems can be traced back to insufficient fertilisation. We offer you a complete product assortment for lawn nutrition and care.

You can find tips for lawn care here!

Schwab Rollrasendünger®

Schwab Rollrasendünger® is a fast-acting lawn fertiliser with long-term components for all lawn surfaces. After just 5 – 8 days you can already see a considerable improvement of the fertilised surfaces. With its organic components, Schwab Rollrasendünger® improves the soil fertility and the microbiology in the grass grain. As a result, the grain thickness and colour are improved and the resistance of the grass plants is increased.
Schwab Rollrasendünger® improves the soil fertility and the microbiology in the grass grain.


Greenkeeper® – Long-term supply

Schwab Greenkeeper® is an organic-mineral long-term lawn fertiliser with purely plant-based, organic components. Schwab Greenkeeper® takes effect after 5 – 8 days and its long-term components supply the law for up to 16 weeks. In addition, its purely plant-based organic components sustainable improve the soil biology and thus the fertility of the soil. As a result, the formation of tomentum is reduced.
Schwab Greenkeeper® provides for a long-term supply of the lawn with high-quality, long-term components and plant-based organic matter.


Blatt-Aktiv® – Plant restorative

Liquid micronutrient mixed fertiliser with copper, iron, manganese, molybdane and zinc, as well as living bio-organisms. The living bio-organisms cause a vitalisation of the plants through biological processes and increase resistance to leaf diseases. Schwab Blatt- Aktiv® supplies stressed plants and soils with vital trace elements. Schwab Blatt-Aktiv® consists of pure, natural raw materials and is approved for organic farming
Schwab Blatt-Aktiv® supplies important trace elements and increases resistance to leaf diseases.

Spray application several times per year during vegetation periods.
Home garden concentrate: 0.5 litres to 25 – 35 litres of water per 1000 m2. Professional concentrate: 5 litres


Bodenstarter® – Basic soil care

Elementary supply for all soils with 18 different natural active components for increasing biological activity
Schwab Bodenstarter® guarantees a basic supply of the soil with trace elements, nitrogen-gathering bacteria and mycorrhiza. Schwab Bodenstarter® regulates the pH-value in the soil and its high share of silicic acid, of 30%, revitalised disturbed, neglected and sterile soils. Schwab Bodenstarter® activates and vitalises your soil, produces natural fertility and provides important trace elements.