Verlegung von Rasen mit Jumbotechnik in großen Sportstadien.

Turfs in over 300 varieties: Schwab products

The right product for every target group and every purpose: Choose from over 300 varieties of turf. With such a wide selection, we guarantee that we have the right rolled turf for your requirements. Our assortment also includes products for lawn care and nutrition!

Perfectly tailored to your requirements

Our grass varieties, such as play area turf, hot, arid, and partial shade turf, sport turf, landscape turf and wildflower turf are available in various compositions, growing soils, roll sizes and cut heights, depending on:

  • Location factors
  • Use and stress
  • Care

Constant communication with our customers aids the further development of our products for the target groups. In the process, we value high transparency, e.g. by disclosing our turf mixtures, field files and grain-size distribution curves.

Our practical tool will help you with the selection of the right rolled turf for your special location conditions, purposes, and requirements: