Lawn care in the rhythm of the moon: our app

Turf care according to the moon calendar: Don’t believe it? For us, it is not a matter of belief and we do not follow any ideology. However: We are practitioners and have found over the course of long-term testing that we achieve even better results when caring for lawns according to the moon’s rhythm. We advise you to do the same.

We have developed an app for smart phones and tablets for ecological production and care of rolled turf according to the moon calendar. The app shows you the ideal times for sowing, watering, mowing and fertilising in line with the phases of the moon. Since the latest update, you also receive general information about lawns and seasonal garden tips and practical features.

Now garden owners can order fertiliser directly from the Schwab online shop via the app. To do so, they simply enter the size of their garden via the app. The app automatically calculates the required amount of fertiliser and initiates the ordering process in combination with an automatic reminder function.

Using the moon calendar contributes to maintaining a vital, healthy and durable lawn while reducing the use of chemical substances. The helpful calendar is available for download free of charge in the Apple and Google stores.


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