Rollrasen von Schwab: ein modernes und nachhaltiges Produkt

A new lawn overnight: Schwab Rolled Turf

Sowing belongs to the past, rolling is today: Rolled turf is becoming increasingly popular in private gardens and public green areas – at the same rapid speed like the installing itself! A development which originated in premier sports, where it no longer be possible to function without rolled turf.

The quick and perfect green for your garden!

Order today – install tomorrow – use immediately

Ideal for private home gardens – large or small: Rolled turf is installed with the turn of a hand and is immediately ready for use without limitations. No more sowing without guaranteed success. No laborious follow-up work and only a relatively low care effort. Rolled turf can be installed year round, except for during periods of snow and frost. The sandwich structure that we developed – one of our many innovations  – makes even garden lawn replacement into child’s play.

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Rolled turf from Schwab is …

quickly green

certain green

healthy green

easy green

guaranteed green

affordable green

ecologically green

Garden lawn


Forget traditional sowing. Rolled turf is also gaining increasing traction in private gardens due to its numerous advantages.

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Sport Turf


Our rolled turf has been installed in numerous famous sport arenas throughout Europe. And for a good reason: We deliver top quality for top-flight sport.

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Golf Turf


Immaculate appearance and quality: In golf, the requirements on turf are extremely high. Therefore, the trend is moving towards rolled turf.

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Market and innovation leader

Rolls instead of sowing: It is not a matter of belief, rather a rational decision based on objective facts. As a market and innovation leader, we influenced this development from an early stage. Choose a green which you can enjoy from the very first day – and Schwab, because we have THE rolled turf specialist for more than 45 years!

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Installation made quick and easy

Whether for the private garden or football stadium: We roll your new lawn quickly, professionally, and affordably. In smaller areas, you can basically install your own turf. You can borrow the appropriate installation equipment from us, and of course we provide instruction. You will find everything you need for lawn care and nutrition in our online shop.

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